Coming back up the other side my dust extractor is at the back, this is getting on a bit now and fitted with fairly fine filter bags but top of my to buy list this year is a new one.   I would love to be able to move this out of the workshop but unfortunately I don’t have the room to put it elsewhere.

next is my workbench with cupboards over it.

Next is my band saw on a home made base which stores the spare blades and beside it is the the shop vacuum.

The band saw can be moved around if needed for larger cuts.

The last item is my sharpening and buffing station the item that looks like a large pencil is a pencil sharpener so I thought this was the best place for it.

The cupboard it stands on is a router table.

lastly a look down the workshop showing my home made ambient air filer in the roof.

The lighting is supplied by six 4 foot fluorescent fittings and individual task lighting where needed.

In the gap between the two lathe benches is a small air compressor.

The floor is concrete and covered by rubber mats, these are multi coloured ones because they were in a sale at B&Q

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