Below and to the left are a number of galleries of my work


Bowls & Platters
A selection of my bowls and platters


Burrs are strange shaped growths on the side of trees they look rather ugly on the tree but once turned produce some wonderful grain patterns and colours.   In this gallery are a number of items I have made from them.


Candle Holders
A favorite at any time of year but please remember burning candles can be dangerous and they should never be left unattended


These are some examples of a range I make with coins or other items in to celebrate things such as landmark birthdays etc


.Clocks and Barometers
A selection of wall and table clocks & barometers


A selection of table and other lamps


Pens etc.
A selection of pens, key rings etc.


Vases, Forms & Boxes


Other Items
This is a selection of things that don’t fit in to any other category. 

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