My first introduction to woodturning was in my last year at secondary school back in the days when they used to teach practical skills.   I made three large platters out of mahogany which my mother still has but they do need a clean up and refinishing which I will do one day.

After leaving school I dabbled in woodworking making bookcases and other such things, but due to lack of space and time I never really got into it.

In 2001 I had to give up full time employment in the IT industry and take early retirement due to ill health, arthritis, and moved from London to Peterborough.   I started woodworking in my new garage but to be honest I wasn’t very good at it.   In 2002 I brought a lathe and found that not only did I enjoy it more than other forms of woodworking but I was also a lot better at it.

Since leaving work I have had full knee replacements in both knees and this has improved my condition considerably. I now turn full time, or as much as I can, and sell my items mainly through shows but also private sales and commissions.


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