Woodturning is said to be the safest form of woodworking, that said it can still be dangerous and care should be taken at all times

The methods and procedures I show here are what I do at the moment and feel safe doing, I am not suggesting that you should do things the same way, that is up to you, if you don’t feel safe doing it one way find another way of doing it.

Above all take care and remember if this is your hobby it is supposed to be fun so enjoy it.

In this project I will be making a closed back free standing clock using a 70mm insert clock from Meantime Design and a 6” x 2” blank of mahogany.   There are lots of designs for this type of clock but this is my current favorite, I think it looks neat and elegant, it is also easy to dust.

As I want a closed domed back to this I will be using a glue chuck, for a full explanation on how I use these see HERE

I turn the face of the clock first then reverse it and use the hole for the clock as a chucking point so the first job is to decide which is the face of the blank, mark the center, mount it on the glue chuck and true the outside.

I now turn the front to the shape I want and partly turn the back, I leave the tail stock in place as long as possible mainly because I am impatient and cant wait 10 minutes or so for the glue to harden properly but also because it gives added support to the piece in case of catches or if I try to take too big a cut..

Once the front is turned to rough shape I now make the hole for the clock.   The type of insert I am using has spring clips to hold it in place so you don’t have to get the hole to an exact size, other clocks have a rubber ring type of fitting and you have to be more accurate with them.

For this size of clock I take a measurement using calipers which is about halfway between the body and the edge as below.

I transfer this measurement to the piece and hollow it out checking to make sure I go deep enough but not too deep.

When I am happy with the fit I trace around the edge of the clock with a pencil so I know which part to leave flat so the clock sits properlly.

I now refine the shape of the front, sand and finish it, I use sanding sealer and wax.

Before I remove it from the glue chuck I put the insert in again to make sure I am happy with the fit etc. providing I am I now part it of ready to do the back.

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